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Nissei japan

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The grinding and microfinishing machines which Nissei manufactures add value to your workpiece by precise machining. It is similar as to bringing forth a jewel from raw gemstones… like the hands of a skilled artisan to polish a jewel both meticulous and efficient… Our machines and company continue striving for "SKILL" seeking new Technology, step by step.

Outline History The grinding and microfinishing machines which Nissei manufactures add value to your workpiece by precise machining. Developed the first superfinishing machine. Transferred headquarters to Yatsuo, Toyama. Completed a lunchroom building canteen. Completed a main spindle assembly building in Toyama plant. All Rights Reserved.

Developed the vertical double disk surface grinder model V capable to grind an ultra-thin 0. Developed the first combination machine of double disk surface grinding and superfinishing. Developed new Workdrive grinding method for ultra-thin parts and installed to a vertical double disk surface grinder.

Developed the vertical double disk grinder model V-4PW for easy automatic material handling during carrier oscillation grind cycle.The FA-3SN can be rolled with a small - diameter screw such as a male screw with a minimum outer diameter of 1. Various shape evaluation and gear measurement can be done by the machine with high accuracy.

Our"Mircon Dies"with high accuracy is produced by measuring the dies with this measuring machine and adding correction according to the result.

nissei japan

Moreover, while repeating the test, it is possible to adjust according to your request. Super Rolling Lubrication Oil, an industrial first, is being sold from September 1, The regular price is 1,yen per liter.

We are committed to creating a Win-Win relationship between Nissei and the users of our form rolling machines. You can see several form rolling machines and examples of form rolling at showroom. Showroom is next to head office. Please come and see our products. Form Rolling Revolution. Are you still shaving away? High productivity! High strength! Low energy! Low noise! Saving material! High precision beyond the common sense!

Nissei provide you. CNC form rolling machine. Gear finish rolling machine. Screw rolling machine. Shape your dreams with Nissei! Worm Gear. Gear processing. Spline form rolling.ASB's headquarters is situated in Nagano prefecture. In the best location to enjoy abundant nature, we are watching the world from a distance. Our headquarters - located on a spacioussquare meter site - is a factory in the hilltop forest at the foot of Mount Asama, meters above sea level.

This refreshing environment in the highland region not only offers comfort to customers visiting from all over the world but also provides an atmosphere for employees to expand and form pliant ideas. Cherry blossoms in spring, American flowering dogwoods and Japanese azaleas in early summer, the autumn color of leaves, soft rime in winter… You can see the beautiful changes of the seasons from ASB headquarters as if it emerged from a post card.

Birds singing can be heard…this is our headquarters. Planning, development, manufacturing and distribution of production machines for PET and other plastic bottles, stretch blow molding machines, molds, auxiliary equipment and parts. BoxDubai, U.

Gearmotors of Nissei

Home About Us Corporate Outline. Corporate Outline. Access Map. Q Office List Inquiries. All rights reserved.Nissei Technology has been focusing on producing precision products since its foundation in Beginning with woodworking, we have been evolving and improving types of products and element technologies from plastic, assemblies, and optical components to ultra-precision processing as the requirements of society and the needs of our customers change.

There is one more thing that has never changed during the last one hundred years with Nissei Technology. We are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. It is said that a trillion sensors will generate a large number of dream products every year.

We collaborate with colleagues in and out of our company for the best results. From Sannomiya Station: Approx. TOP Company. Founded in Imparting Precision and Optical Technologies to the World. Nissei Technology Corporation. Customer First All of us exist for the purpose of providing the best products to our customers. Our Pride We produce our products with the best technologies and quality. Sincerity We work sincerely with genuine honesty. Ingenuity We aim higher for the best.

Challenge We are actively forward-looking.

nissei japan

Agile decision and action We decide quickly and act immediately. Unyielding spirit We follow through what we need to do. Collaboration We collaborate with colleagues in and out of our company for the best results. Company Overview. Established Tsujihana Works in the City of Osaka for purposes of manufacturing and selling woodworking products such as cash registers and metal working products such as bicycle locking mechanisms.

Started manufacturing architectural hardware such as door hinges that were in high demand for reconstruction activities right after the World War II with metal pressing as the main business. Started business with a major home electrical appliance manufacturer, and entered into precision metal pressing business.

Started full operation of precision pressing business for home electrical appliances. Started manufacturing and mechanism assembly of precision press products for radio-cassette recorders.

Started manufacturing precision molds at the main plant. Introduced precision injection mold machines. Started manufacturing precision mold components for radio-cassette recorders and precision mold components for copy machines. Started manufacturing electronic typewriter mechanism units, and expanded it into manufacturing units for ink-jet printers and thermal copy printers.The Nisei are considered the second generation, and the grandchildren of the Japanese-born immigrants are called Sanseior third generation.

Ichi, ni, san are Japanese for "one, two, three"; see Japanese numerals. Although the earliest organized group of Japanese emigrants left Japan centuries ago, and a later group settled in Mexico in[1] the four largest populations of Japanese immigrants and their descendants live in BrazilCanadaPeruand the United States. It has been argued that some Nisei feel caught in a dilemma between their Nisei parents and other Americans.

Inouye later went on to become a U. Senator from Hawaii after it achieved statehood. InKorematsu lost a U. Supreme Court challenge to the wartime internment of Japanese Americans but gained vindication decades later.

nissei japan

At the White House award ceremonies, President Bill Clinton explained, "In the long history of our country's constant search for justice, some names of ordinary citizens stand for millions of souls. PlessyBrownParks The overwhelming majority of Japanese Americans had reacted to the internment by acquiescing to the government's order, hoping to prove their loyalty as Americans. To them, Korematsu's opposition was treacherous to both his country and his community.

Across the span of decades, he was seen as a traitor, a test case, an embarrassment and, finally, a hero. Brazil is home to the largest Japanese population outside Japanestimated to number more than 1.

Within Japanese-Canadian communities across Canada, three distinct subgroups developed, each with different sociocultural referents, generational identity, and wartime experiences. Among the approximately 80, Peruvians of Japanese descent, the Nisei Japanese Peruvians comprise the largest element. Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians have special names for each of their generations in North America.

The Japanese-American and Japanese-Canadian communities have themselves distinguished their members with terms like IsseiNisei, and Sansei which describe the first, second and third generation of immigrants. The Issei, Nisei and Sansei generations reflect distinctly different attitudes to authority, gender, non-Japanese involvement, and religious belief and practice, and other matters.

These differing attitudes, social values and associations with Japan were often incompatible with each other. In North America since the redress victory ina significant evolutionary change has occurred.

The Nisei, their parents and their children are changing the way they look at themselves as individuals of Japanese descent in their respective nations of Canada, the United States and Mexico.

There are currently just over one hundred thousand British Japanesemostly in London ; but unlike other Nikkei terms used centered from Japan to distinguish the distance from Japanese nationality elsewhere in the world, these Britons do not conventionally parse their communities in generational terms as Issei, Nisei, or Sansei.

The Nisei have become part of the general immigrant experience in the United States and Canada to become part of the greater "melting pot" of Americans and Canadians.Continuous leadership in advanced technology Nissei Industry Corporation — Toyama, Japan established inis a leader in Japan and the world for Vertical and Horizontal Double Disc Grinders for many years.

Nissei has been assisting manufacturers in meeting that demand, by supplying them with precise double disc surface grinding machines that reflect Nissei's state-of-art technology. Also Nissei's unique approach to customer service, which emphasizes consultation and dialogue, enables them to custom-make machinery that fits any specifications.

In anticipation of increased demand for automated production systems, Nissei has developed grinding machines for installation on automated production lines. Since its establishment inNissei has been chasing pioneering technologies. Spindle and flange forged from one piece of metal.

Diameter of Spindle Feed screw is dia mm, 3 times compared to conventional ball screws. Patented Carrier Hinged Lock Carrier Device which provides ease of access to grinding area Grinding wheels can be changed in 20 — 30 mins compared to few hours on other double disc grinders.

Spindle tilting device for greater productivity.

Electric Wires / Cables

Automatic dressing system. Unique Backlash elimination system. Latest Control Systems from Fanuc Reproducible, repeatable and long lasting accuracies etc. Rotary Carrier System. Plunge Cut with Oscillation.

Plunge Cut with Workdrive. Rigid Box Frame construction. Each Nissei spindle is Hand scrapped by master craftsmen with years of experience, to perfectly match the spindle quill and metal casing. V-7C for Piston Rings. Sample Components Ground on Nissei Machines. Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you shortly.To save this word, you'll need to log in. Send us feedback. Accessed 17 Apr.

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