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Mops price for diesel

29.10.2020 By Kajitaxe

An August 17, press release from the Department of Energy. Realities in a certain geography is causing a divulgence of prices.

mops price for diesel

Almendras said. As repeatedly explained since Novemberand as part of its efforts to ensure transparency in oil prices in the Philippines, the DOE has been using the Energy Regulatory Board ERB formula since as a barometer to determine propriety of weekly oil price increases in the Philippines.

The constituent element of the ERB formula is the average weekly MOPS price for unleaded gasoline and automotive diesel oil as the benchmark for finished petroleum products in Asia. Furthermore, there are only two refiners in the country, and they are importing not just crude oil but finished products as well to meet their own demand. All the other players in the downstream oil industry, who import finished products, use MOPS as benchmark for their pricing.

Dubai price, on the other hand, is a benchmark used by different Asian countries for crude oil. To date, the movement of the prices at the pump is consistent with the ERB formula. Rest assured, the DOE has been closely monitoring actual oil price movements, both in the international and domestic market, to prevent unreasonable adjustments and abuses. In an effort to cushion the impact of international oil prices to local consumers, the Department of Energy DOE is ramping up its efforts in raising awareness toward efficient use of gasoline and diesel to cushion the impact of rising fuel prices.

In line with this, the DOE intensifies its advocacy of energy efficiency and conservation, as well as the promotion of the use alternative fuels for transportation—along with other agencies and stakeholders, the department is finalizing the Alternative Fuels Roadmapthe flagship program designed to diversify the fuel mix of the transport sector.

Under the Roadmap, the DOE is set to convert diesel-run public utility buses to use compressed natural gas; convert diesel-run public utility jeepneys to use liquefied petroleum gas; and continue to implement the use of the percent ethanol blend on gasoline pursuant to the Biofuels Act of Republic of the Philippines All content is in the public domain unless otherwise stated.

Feedback Form.The formula used to calculate the price of fuel is called the Automatic Pricing Mechanism in place since and its function is to stabilize the price of petrol and diesel in the country to a certain extent, via a variable amount sales tax and subsidy, so the retail price only has to be changed if the difference in price exceeds the threshold of the tax and subsidy, at the discretion of the government.

The cost is the already refined product, which means the refinery cost are already included and indexed in the MOPS. You may ask what exactly is the MOPS? The index is tracked, assessed and updated by Platts, a McGraw-Hill company in Singapore and is based on the daily average of all trading transactions between buyer and seller of petroleum-based products. The MOPS price typically has a premium over the crude oil prices.

Unfortunately it is hard to track MOPS prices as individuals because the data is only available to those who purchase it, unlike the publicly available charts from the NYMEX. This is sort of a buffer for the oil companies. If the price of the product that the oil companies buy is higher than the MOPS published price, and the difference is higher than Alpha, the oil company will bear the extra cost, and vice versa. Operational costs should be self explanatory.

They are set at 9. Operational costs cover transport and marketing costs. Then comes where the oil companies make money, which is set at 5 sen per litre for petrol and 2. The stations make more money per litre of petrol — Sales tax and subsidies are combined. According to the Sales Tax Act this is not something new!

Latest Petrol Price for RON95, RON97 & Diesel in Malaysia

This comes into effect when the real price of petrol and diesel at the pumps are lower than the fixed retail price. On the other hand, if the fixed retail price is lower than the actual cost of the petrol and diesel at the pumps, the government can pay a subsidy of the same range.

mops price for diesel

Right now the government says it will give a maximum subsidy of 30 sen per litre instead of the maximum allowable subsidy of This 30 sen maximum subsidy is as part of an improved Automatic Pricing Mechanism, which the Ismail Ahmad says is designed to stabilize fuel retail prices and allow industry players to manage expenditure in a more orderly manner.

Related Cars for Sale on. Most Read Stories.The world's largest economies late Friday endorsed the largest coordinated crude production cut in Your registration is complete and your account is active.

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mops price for diesel

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Access latest petrochemicals news and analysis, conferences and events. Access latest shipping news and analysis, conferences and events.Farm Diesel I have posted some charts at the very bottom of this page for your consideration.

In case you have not seen the chart lately, you can trace the price path of front-month heating oil futures. Many farmers, however, have taken note of the steep decline in heating oil futures and voiced questions as to why retail farm diesel has not followed the downturn.

We have found this to be an excellent means to predicting near-term farm diesel prices. We record a sharp decline in regional farm diesel prices and expect more of the same for another week next week.

platts prices diesel d2

When looking at the spread chart below, make note of the spread's position relative to our "line in the sand.

So when the spread is higher than our line in the sand, farm diesel will eventually soften. When the spread falls below the line, farm diesel goes up.

That chart was due for an overhaul and the turn of the first of the year gave us a good opportunity to restart the analysis afresh. This analysis has served us very well over the years.

Live Crude Oil Price in Singapore Dollars | OIL SGD

As you will see, the spread is at a stiff premium to the line in the sand indicating downside potential for retail farm diesel. As we wrote for the Pro Farmer newsletter last week, we have observed a lag between moves in the futures market and retail diesel price moves. Futures bottomed on Feb. Realistically, we will consider ourselves fortunate to capture half of that move.

A lot will depend on how aggressively heating oil futures firm from the Feb. So far, that climb higher has been at a turtle's pace, and that bodes well for retail diesel.

The longer it takes heating oil futures to recover, the lower farm diesel will go. That being the case, we are by no means ready to book spring and summer supplies.

There are a number of fundamental factors that could move the diesel market, but since many favor a strictly technical approach, we embrace that analysis in this week's post. Perhaps next week we will explore some of those fundamentals to give us a well rounded viewpoint. But this technical analysis has retail farm diesel pointed lower, and is giving us no incentive to book needs at current prices. Ohio led declines falling 17 cents per gallon as Illinois and Missouri each softened 14 cents on the week.

Petrol, diesel prices scale new peaks today

All other states were either unchanged or lower. March heating oil futures closed on Friday Feb. Farm Diesel -- Farm Diesel softened 6 cents per gallon on the week. Stocks remain 1 million barrels above the same week last year.

mops price for diesel

Propane -- Our regional average propane price firmed a penny on the week.This blog will update the daily events recorded after the platts trading time. News involving the industry and Market Reports. Stay Tuned! Also, crude futures rebounded during Asian trading hours despite sharp losses overnight.

Supply is getting tight in Japan as some local refineries there have sold out their October stocks, traders said. In the regional bellwether Singapore market, suppliers' reluctance to sell underpinned prices, despite poor demand Friday and more cargoes expected to arrive in Singapore next week, traders said. To further enhance transparency in the Asian products assessment window, Platts will be adhering to the following timing standardsfor physical distillates and fuel oil, plus associated derivatives for publication on Platts Global Alert PGA page The new standards will come into effect Dec 1, Platts will consider incremental price changes made to physical bids and offers up to, but no later than, local Singapore time.

Platts will consider incremental price changes made to spreads up to local Singapore time. December paper should be submitted no later than local Singapore time. Platts will consider incremental price changes made to outright swaps positions up to local Singapore time. Any open bid or offer published on PGA should be executable by any credible and creditworthy company. Please note that all submissions are firm and those changes expressed too close to the current time cut-off will be subjected to the customary three minute extension to enable executability.

The time extension will also apply in the planned earlier close of Singapore time. Partly due to this, demand from Chinese buyers, while increasing, is still not as strong as previously expected.

Taiwan's Formosa Petrochemical Corp.

Diesel D2 Russian Gasoil L-0.2-62 Gost 305-82

The premium of this cargo was lower than usual due to its high density, said the official, who declined to provide more details. The export volume for December has yet to be decided, he added. China is also a major buyer for South Korean exports. The company plans to export abouttons of straight-run fuel oil for December loading, unchanged from November, the official also said.

In the Singapore cash market, no deal was done Wednesday. Crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell to four-month lows overnight before declining further in electronic trading during Asian trading hours. Supply of bunker fuel improved in some regional markets, including South Korea and Singapore, while demand remained average, traders said. MOPS : View my complete profile.

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